Install spacewalk 2.0 on Centos 6.5 with external psql db.

After installing all kinds of servers. I decided it was time for a tool to manager them from a central location. I choose for Spacewalk 2.0 on the Centos 6.5 OS. Because i already had a webserver with postgresql 9.2.7 i decided to use a db on that server rather than a embedded / local.

Make sure your hostname and/or DNS records are set correctly!

Step 1: Go to the database server:
This package is needed to communicate with older versions of postgresql.

Creating database + user:

Tuning db:

In addition also change the default values to the lines underneath:

Restart postgres

Step 2: Go to your spacewalk machine

Set selinux to permissive just to rule bugs out:

Perform a yum update to get the system up to date.

Install epel and the spacewalk repo:

Now we can start the installation of spacewalk with the postgresql backend.

Step 3: Firewall:

Add the rules below to your firewall on the spacewalk server.

If you want to reinstall spacewalk on a clear db use this command:

Step 4: Registering the client machines!

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