Example Samba setup

On one of my machines I have applications running like torrent and usenet. For testing purposes ofcourse! The folder with extracted / unrarred files aswell as the “read” folder for nzb files are share with SAMBA as it is easily approachable from Windows. Besides that I thought it would be a nice gesture to share my smb.conf and firewall rules as I have tweaked them quite a bit.

I’m not going to explain how to setup SAMBA as there are thousands of guides on that topic.

So first my smb.conf:
Note: Please be aware that i removed some stuff. Only the most important changes are shown here. If you use this file on your own machine you will miss vital settings! So please check and review.

This is the smb.conf on my ZFSGURU (Freebsd 10) machine:
Note: Please be aware that ZFSGURU has alot of automation and that alot of options maybe specifiekd elsehwere. Please use this file as an example / inspiration.

Second my iptables rules:
Note: These will make sure that all proper protocols are used. Furthermore only the local networks I specified will have access to the shared folders. There are also options to specify this in the global section of smb.conf:

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