Compile Zabbix 2.2.6 LTS on Centos 6.4 x64

Complete step by step guide on how to compile zabbix.

!!! Please be aware this is still heavily under construction! I decided to use the appliance instead!!!

– Centos 6.5 X64 minimal or net-install with basic server (installed)
– root access
– Mysql installed
– Apache installed
– ssh access
– static ip

Step 1: Download & extract package and make directory

Step 2: Make group and user
! change to root !

Step 2: Install dependencies etc

Step 3: Configure zabbix & make install

You know have compiled your own zabbix

Step 4: Create an RPM package:

Step 5: Install RPM package: WORK IN PROGRESS!

Step 6: Configure config files

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