Install SABNZBD + Transmission + Sickbeard + Couchpotato on Ubuntu 12.04 & 12.10

Please be aware there a issues with Transmission in Ubuntu 13.04 and higher!

The Transmission bittorrent client is one of the most widely used bittorrent clients for the Linux operating system, especially on Ubuntu servers. I have used it in all of the server incarnations I’ve had installed and have loved it more and more with each little update the software gets. In this guide, I’ll show you the super simple steps at getting a fully functional Transmission client installed on your Ubuntu Server and how you can configure it for your specific needs.

First off, we will need to add the apt-repository for Transmission to our repository list, but before we do that, we’ll need to install a small little application that allows us to add apt repositories directly from the terminal. Type the following:

In Ubuntu 12.10, use the following command:

Now, issue this command:

That will give you the Transmission apt repository and allow you to automatically keep your Transmission software up-to-date instead of having to build the application by source. Now, update your apt-list:

After your list is up to date, issue this command to install Transmission:

Now, what we need to do is create some folders in our home folder for Transmission to use. Issue the following commands:

The Completed folder will hold all of our torrents that have finished downloading, the Incomplete folder will hold all of our torrents that are still downloading, and the Torrents folder will allow us to drag-and-drop torrent files from our Windows machine to the folder and have Transmission automatically pick up the torrent and begin downloading it. You can add torrents for Transmission to download through the web interface, but doing it this way is sometimes quicker for some folks who may not have browser access.

Now, when Transmission downloads torrents, it automatically sets the rights of the files that it downloads to the Transmission user group. We need to make sure that our username is a part of that group, and we need to set the correct permissions on the Downloads folders. Issue the following commands:

Replace the bold “username” sections with the username of your Ubuntu user that will be accessing the files and folders.

Note: If you want to use the same folders for both transmission and SABNZBD use the following command:

Alright, so, that’s all the deep configuration and installation we need to do. Now, all we have to do is edit the Transmission configuration file so that we can access the WebUI and tweak a couple more settings. Again, I’m using Nano as my text editor, so if you are too, issue the following command:

That’s going to bring up the big configuration file. I’m only going to give you the settings I tweaked, however you can have a look throughout the entire configuration and tweak whatever you’d like.

Once you’ve tweaked those settings, add this to the very end of the configuration file (before the ending “}” bracket, but also keep in mind that you will need to change the “utp-enabled” line to have a comma “,” at the end of it):

That should do it! Now all you need to do is save that file by issuing a CTRL+X to Nano and then saving when it prompts you. After you’ve saved the file, reload (DO NOT restart) your Transmission server:

Once it has reloaded and if it starts back up, go ahead and go to your browser and navigate to: (where is the IP address of your Ubuntu server). You should be greeted with the Transmission WebUI. Now if you’d like, you can apply over 370,000 IP filters to the blocklist from one of my other posts.

Installing SABnzbd
First lets organize our folders. TV Shows and Movies refers to the location of your TV Shows and movies. For me it is in the Media folder.

Now to install SABnzbd. You can install from apt-get, but the version in there is out of date. Instead lets add another repo to pull from, then install it from apt.

Enter your username where it says USER=

Now you can reboot if you want to test that it automatically starts.

You may not be able to access the web interface the first time because it defaults to only allow access from the localhost. Here is how to fix it:

Search for host (use CTRL+W to search). Change localhost to Exit and restart sabnzbd.

Note: DO NOT USE SUDO TO START ANY OF THESE SERVICES! Only start these services as the local user.

Installing SickBeard
We will install SickBeard and CouchPotato with git. First make sure it is installed.

Now lets download the source code.

When it is finished it should look like this:

You can put it in your home folder if you want (mv sickbeard ../.sickbeard) which is where most people put it, but I like to put it in my /usr/share folder. Just remember where you put it.

Now we need to make it start on boot. This startup script and the one for CouchPotato are by daemox over at

Enter the following code in the file:

Change USER=”ChangeMe” to your username.

Make the file executable so it will actually run.

To start:

or reboot

Installing CouchPotato

We are going to install from the source on GitHub and create an autorun.

Now make the auto run file.

Change the path of couchpotato to:
Again, change USER=”ChangeMe” to your username.

Make the file executable.

Open your browser and go to: http://localhost:5050/



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13 Replies to “Install SABNZBD + Transmission + Sickbeard + Couchpotato on Ubuntu 12.04 & 12.10”

  1. In the last line of installing sabnzbd, where it says

    $ /etc/init.d/sabnzbd restart

    i think the service should be called sabnzbdplus

  2. Thanks you for your awesome turotial… Very helpful… I have had problems here are there however, mostly with CouchPotato… I do not see the paths/user that i need to change…
    I can see the following…

    My couchpotato is in /home/john/.couchpotato and username is john.. i changed these to

    When i start i get
    rm: cannot remove ‘/var/run/’: Permission denied

    Did i miss something? Thanks!

    1. You can start CouchPotato while logged into your ‘john’ account. The program will start fine, but controlling it’s running state isn’t possible, because that requires root / sudo access. That’s why you’re getting the ‘Permission denied’ error.

      As long as you have your username in the CP_RUN_AS (and it looks like you do), then it’s safe to do ‘sudo /etc/init.d/couchpotato start’. CouchPotato will run under your account. Check by doing a ‘ps -ef | grep john’ in the terminal to find the in the program arguments.

      1. i’m having the same issue. this is what I get when i run the grep.

        downloader@downloader:~$ sudo /etc/init.d/couchpotato startps -ef | grep downloader
        Usage: /etc/init.d/couchpotato {start|stop|restart|force-reload|status}

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